Less than 40 years ago Shenzhen was a fishing village of 30,00 people. Today Shenzhen produces 90% of the worlds electronics, has a nominal GDP of 2.2trillion RMB(330billion) and is home to 12.5million people. It is the first city on the planet to boast 100% electric public bus fleet. In 6 years it has doubled its economic output. From all over the globe people are coming learning software in chine rather than USA. If you wan to find any thing related software you can find it in couple of days and in US it will take approx. a month to find expert people in the industry which comes very costly. In Shenzhen Chinese government is building 10 labs to drive progress in 5g, nanotechnology, and medicine. Shenzhen have top most talented software engineers in the globe. 500 billion USD valuation, and 12,5 billion USD in 2017 total game revenue alone. Tencent is going like s rocket. In 1980 opening SEZ Shenzhen has all the big companies including apple manufacturing, dell laptop, hp laptop and many companies.